Rodeo Western Attire and its History

Wearing western attire pays tribute to our western heritage and cowboys. The influence of western clothing on people around the world is incredible and has become mainstream.

The western fashion is going strong! Cowboy boots and hats in all shapes, colors and styles are being worn by most. Fringe is seen quite often and will most likely never go out of style. Scarves come with many names - handkerchief, bandana or wild rag have definitely made a comeback this season. But, it wasn't until 1950's that western attire became a trend, due to the influx of western movies.

In the 1800's western clothing began but it wasn't for fashion. Clothing choice was important to cowboys riding the range and on cattle drives. Their clothing was worn for safety purposes and for improving their job skills. Proper clothing could save a cowboy's life or the life of his horse.

Follow my next blog to see the purpose of the Cowboy's clothing.

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